When you make a large purchase, how much thought do you put into the shopping trip? If you are like most people, you probably save your money, analyze brands, and shop around until you find the perfect item. Unfortunately, sometimes people are less choosy when it comes to their storage space—passing over state-of-the-art facilities. Here are two new self storage features you will love, and how they can make your life a little easier:

1: Intelligent Unit Doors

When people think of storage crime, they usually imagine robbers hopping over a fence or hacking the front gate. However, some storage unit burglaries are conducted by the same friendly strangers who waive at you when you visit your space. To make it easier to access units and to scout out potential hits, some criminals actually rent units alongside other customers—searching for easy opportunities to burglarize a space. However, some facilities are going high tech to make it more difficult for these criminal customers.

By installing computerized unit doors that interface with the front gate, storage managers can tell if a door has been opened that doesn't belong to the same person who just entered the facility. Some systems even sound alarms and automatically lock entrances and exits if a door was opened when it wasn't supposed to be. Intelligent unit doors also make it easier for legitimate customers to access their things. Because these doors typically don't require padlocks, you won't have to track down that storage unit key before you head to your space. Instead, you can open the door by simply entering your code on the door keypad, and then lock your space with the touch of a button when you are done.

2: True Climate Control

Nothing is worse than carefully organizing your things and loading them into storage, only to discover damaged belongings a few months later when you return. Unfortunately, if you rent a unit from a cinderblock facility parked right out in the hot sun, this might be the reality you are faced with. However, some storage units offer true climate control to regulate both the temperature and the humidity of storage spaces. Here are a few ways this might help your things:

  • Warping: After carefully refinishing that four-poster bed or finding the perfect hardwood dresser, it might be discouraging to see those wood panels warped by stark humidity changes. Unfortunately, if you move from a moist climate to a dry environment, you might be left with ugly or non-functional furniture. However, if you rent from a facility that offers humidity control, you might be able to dial the humidity down slowly, so that your furniture has time to adapt.  
  • Melting: If you are planning on storing food storage or candles, you might be disappointed to discover melted plastic packages and puddles of wax when you return to retrieve your things. However, climate controlled units can be kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so that your things stay pristine.
  • Mold Growth: Humidity changes can do a lot more than warp a few furniture pieces. If your unit is too humid, it can spark mold growth. In addition to discoloring your upholstery and filling your household belongings with allergens, mold growth can also make your things smell terrible. Fortunately, humidity controls can help you to inhibit mold growth.

As you visit different storage facilities, ask how customizable the climate control settings are. Some businesses have special sections that are carefully regulated by managers, while others have individual HVAC controls in each storage space. However, keep in mind that if the facility doesn't advertise climate control, your unit might be subject to whatever temperatures Mother Nature has planned for the day.

By renting a storage space from a state-of-the-art facility, you might be able to protect your belongings. For more information, look at sites like http://www.getepicstorage.com.