One of the more delicate items to deal with when moving are home electronics. Computers, televisions, and game consoles are just a few of the electronics in your home that should be handled with care. This is why it's a good idea to consider professional packing services for your moving needs. Once the packing services are hired, you can prepare to help the electronics properly transported. With a little extra planning and a few tips, the electronics will arrive in the same condition as they were in your old home.

If you're looking for good electronics prep packing tips, read on.

Color Labels

A computer or surround sound console can come with more than five different cords each. To help prevent bent cables, the cords need to be unplugged, but you do not want to spend hours trying to match them all together again. The best solution for this is using color coded labels. 

Dollar stores offer cheap access to color tape and labels. This allows you to easily organize and label every cord to your devices. When reconnecting the devices, it will be easy to match the color label to a label on the device. Along with solid colors, look for tape with different patterns like stripes or animal prints.

Towels & Packing Supplies

Instead of investing in packing supplies like bubble-wrap or packing peanuts, you can find plenty of supplies in your own home. Electronics can get plenty of cushioning and protection from items like towels or bed sheets.

Not only are they ideal for wrapping your electronics up in, but you do not need to have separate boxes for the towels alone. Ensure the towels are clean and completely dry before using them for packing.

Wooden Boxes

When utilizing a professional packing service, you have access to items that are not typically in your price range. For heavy electronic equipment, a cardboard box may not be strong or sturdy enough to hold everything. This is why a lot of packing services offer wooden boxes to hold electronics.

The outside of the wood is durable enough to withstand the weight of devices like sub-woofers and large computer components. The inside of the box is typically lined with a Styrofoam base to give added shock protection.

Game Consoles

Video game consoles require a little extra packing preparation to ensure that everything is moved correctly. Controllers should be wrapped in a small individual washcloth and be kept separate from other controllers. This prevents the controllers from pushing into each other or distorting the buttons and analog sticks.

When packing games, request that the cases are placed in a vertical position so the discs are held straight up. If the games are placed horizontally, it can create extra heat and pressure that would possibly damage the game. Do not pack any loose game discs, purchase plastic sleeves or additional cases, if possible.

 Media Players & Remotes

Take a few extra steps to examine and prepare any DVD players, Blu-Ray players, or media remotes in your home. All discs should be removed from disc players and properly stored in a case. If you leave a disc inside a player, it can easily become loose and get scratches when it is tossed around. A loose disc can also cause damage to components inside the media player like the laser.

The media remotes should ave all the batteries removed from them. When packed, the remotes may be exposed to more heat. This can cause the batteries to leak or run out of power. Place all the batteries in a plastic bag and pack them separately from the remote to make things easier. Electronics with built-in batteries or rechargeable battery packs should be fine to keep packed.

Packing companies also understand the value of electronics and can help assist you with any questions or concerns you have.