If you are ordering a large number of plastic storage containers for your business, you may wonder whether or not you should have your logo hot stamped on your new purchase. Hot stamping is the process of attaching a metal foil to a surface, usually a plastic surface. It can be a low-cost way to have your storage containers marked with your company's logo or other critical information. If you are wondering whether it is worth the extra cost, here are some reasons why you might want to consider investing in it. 

Protect Your Investment from Theft 

Both your storage containers and the items in them are valuable investments for your business. By marking the containers with your logo, you can help to deter theft of company property. Plastic storage containers with your logo on them can be identified more easily than unmarked containers. This can make it more difficult for potential thieves to resell or reuse your storage containers. Hot stamps are difficult to remove and can often be seen even after the foil is scraped off because of the subtle embossing that takes place when the stamp is applied. 

Also, if you make the effort to have your storage containers marked, thieves may wonder what other security measures you have taken to protect your assets. Many potential thieves may be inspired to bypass your containers and look for a company that is less concerned with security. 

Increase Your Advertising 

If you have your storage containers marked with your logo, any time your they are transported or used in a public place, you will be increasing public awareness of your brand and company. By increasing brand awareness, you can potentially increase customer loyalty as well as increase sales. This can be done by simply increasing how often your current customers and target market see your logo, which is easy to do when all of your transportation and storage containers are marked with your logo. 

Just like marking your company vehicles is a way to increase your brand awareness, your containers should also be seen as valuable advertising space. 

Make Your Storage Look More Professional

Most businesses need a variety of sizes and types of storage containers to fit their storage needs. This can make your storage appear sloppy and pieced together, especially if you have containers with extremely different designs. By applying your logo to each of your storage containers, you help to create cohesion in your storage space. Your storage will look planned as opposed to put together without thought.

Having a visually pleasing storage area can potentially increase your employees' workplace satisfaction and make your business look more professional to customers who see your storage area.  

Help Organize Your Storage 

Hot stamps can be added to your storage containers in several different colors. This can help you organize your storage by color coding your containers based on their contents and use. If you are already color-coding your storage containers by ordering various colors of containers, then having your logo stamped on all of the bins in a single color can help the color-coded bins look more like a set. Alternatively, color-coding your hot stamps can act as a secondary coding system along with the color of your bins. 

Hot Stamping Can Be An In-House Project 

If you order a small number of containers or constantly order new containers, you can purchase hot stamping equipment to complete the process on your own. This way, you can stamp small batches of containers as you order them. 

Hot stamping your heavy duty plastic storage bins can make them look and feel more like company property as opposed to generic containers, making it a good option for most businesses.