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5 Reasons To Have Your Plastic Storage Bins Hot Stamped

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If you are ordering a large number of plastic storage containers for your business, you may wonder whether or not you should have your logo hot stamped on your new purchase. Hot stamping is the process of attaching a metal foil to a surface, usually a plastic surface. It can be a low-cost way to have your storage containers marked with your company’s logo or other critical information. If you are wondering whether it is worth the extra cost, here are some reasons why you might want to consider investing in it.  Protect Your Investment from Theft  Both your storage containers and the items in them are valuable investments for your business. By marking the containers with your logo, you can help to deter theft of company property. Plastic storage containers with your logo on them can be identified more easily than unmarked containers. This can make it more difficult for potential thieves to resell or reuse your storage containers. Hot stamps are difficult to remove and can often be seen even after the foil is scraped off because of the subtle embossing that takes place when the stamp is applied.  Also, if you make the effort to have your storage containers marked, thieves may wonder what other security measures you have taken to protect your assets. Many potential thieves may be inspired to bypass your containers and look for a company that is less concerned with security.  Increase Your Advertising  If you have your storage containers marked with your logo, any time your they are transported or used in a public place, you will be increasing public awareness of your brand and company. By increasing brand awareness, you can potentially increase customer loyalty as well as increase sales. This can be done by simply increasing how often your current customers and target market see your logo, which is easy to do when all of your transportation and storage containers are marked with your logo.  Just like marking your company vehicles is a way to increase your brand awareness, your containers should also be seen as valuable advertising space.  Make Your Storage Look More Professional Most businesses need a variety of sizes and types of storage containers to fit their storage needs. This can make your storage appear sloppy and pieced together, especially if you have containers with extremely different designs. By applying your logo to each of your storage containers, you help to create cohesion in your storage space. Your storage will look planned as opposed to put together without thought. Having a visually pleasing storage area can potentially increase your employees’ workplace satisfaction and make your business look more professional to customers who see your storage area.   Help Organize Your Storage  Hot stamps can be added to your storage containers in several different colors. This can help you organize your storage by color coding your containers based on their contents and use. If you are already color-coding your storage containers by ordering various colors of containers, then having your logo stamped on all of the bins in a single color can help the color-coded bins look more like a set. Alternatively, color-coding your hot stamps can act as a secondary coding system along with the color of your bins.  Hot Stamping Can Be An In-House Project  If...

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Important Information You Need To Know About Moving Your Grand Piano

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A grand piano serves double duty as a musical instrument and an aesthetically pleasing focal point of a room. If you are lucky enough to own a grand, you must make sure that any time the piano is moved, even to another room, that you seek the help of licensed and insured piano movers or you risk damaging the majestic instrument. While a grand piano is a huge piece of equipment, its parts are also delicate and the slightest error in moving the instrument can cause damage to precious wood and metal parts. The following primer on moving a grand piano can help you organize moving the instrument to another location. Provide Specifications to Movers While you may only need to hire a few movers to transport a small spinet or upright piano, a full-size concert grand piano will require several strong and experienced professionals in order to move the instrument safely. To help movers determine what type of manpower they will need, provide them with the measurements and model number of the piano when you call to get an estimate. If you do not have the original paperwork from your piano, you can find the model number on the instrument. For a grand piano, the standard location for a model number is under the lid on the gold-colored cast iron plate above the keyboard in between the tuning pins. Manufacturers of grand pianos can also provide you with the age, history and manufacturing background of your instrument based on the serial number. This information can be helpful to movers as they plan how to transport the device because they will know exactly how much the piano weighs, what type of materials were used to make it and if there has been any manufacturer-completed restoration work on the instrument. Be Aware of the Challenges of Moving Grands and Make Special Arrangements The process of getting your grand piano out of your home or apartment will be more complicated than moving a spinet or upright instrument. First of all, grand pianos are much heavier than other types of pianos. They are long and have a different center of gravity than other types of pianos. Grands can range in length from five and a half feet to nearly nine feet. In addition, a full-size concert grand weighs nearly a half ton. A custom-made grand piano may be even longer and heavier. Liberace’s famous rhinestone-covered concert grand is nine feet long and weighs more than 1,100 pounds. Because of its odd size, a grand piano may not fit through doorways or on stairwells. This is another major reason why it is imperative to only hire movers that specialize in pianos to transport it. If the instrument cannot fit through doorways, the movers will have to find an alternate way to get the instrument out of your house and onto a truck. It may be necessary for them to hoist the main parts of the piano out a window using a crane. If you live in a high-rise building, you need to contact your landlord, co-op board or condo association to get permission for movers to move the piano out of windows. Arrangements to clear the sidewalk and side streets must also be made before you move the instrument. In addition, check with...

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Downsizing For Your Move? Here’s How To Make The Process Less Stressful

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Moving tends to be one of the most stressful changes people experience in their lives, so you aren’t alone in wondering if you will make it through your move without the need for a vacation to unwind. Downsizing can be particularly stressful because it means getting rid of things you currently enjoy having around the house and it requires a change in lifestyle that takes some getting used to. These tips and tricks will help minimize your stress so that when all is said and done, you’ll be able to enjoy all features of your new home and look back on the stressful times as nothing more than a distant memory: Plan Your Downsizing Planning for a downsized move involves more than figuring out how to get all of your stuff from the old place to the new one. You’ll more than likely have to get rid of a little bit of everything in order to maintain a comfortable balance and ensure that you will have everything you need in your new place without too much to store – and getting rid of stuff can be a bit stressful. Here’s how to take the stress out of planning and ensure that your new place is spacious and convenient once you move in: Plan on making extra space in your new home by asking everyone in the family to get rid of one shirt or pair of pants for every two items that they choose to keep. This will dramatically cut down on closet clutter so toys, accessories, and nick-knacks that can’t be parted with can be stored there. Create a three-day meal plan that incorporates the usual preparation techniques used in your kitchen. You can use the plan to determine which kitchenware and tools you use on a regular basis, and which can be discarded without being missed too much. Transfer DVDs and CDs to a large hard drive so you can get rid of the disks and free up space on your entertainment center and shelves. Pay attention to which chairs and tables are used most often by family members in your home. This will help you decide which furniture to keep based on need as opposed to indulgence. Remember that it’s easier to expand your belongings later if you have the room than it is to bring too much stuff along with the need to get rid of it before you can enjoy your new surroundings. Limit Packing Boxes Another great way to make downsizing easier on everyone in the family and minimize stress throughout the process is to designate a limited number of boxes for each room in the home, and once those boxes are packed everything leftover should be gotten rid of. This will encourage packers to put the most valuable and used items in boxes first, and hopefully leave you with items that the family doesn’t really use that often after all. This tactic comes in exceptionally handy when you want to limit the number of toys and nick-knacks that kids can move to their new rooms. Host a Going Away “Salebration” You can lessen the financial stress of your move, making it easier to hire professional movers to take care of things for you, by hosting a going away celebration that combines the...

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Things To Pack For The First Night At Your New Home That You Might Forget

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Moving from one house to another will require a lot of time, work, and preparation, and once it’s done you will feel a huge sense of relief. You may want to consider hiring a moving company to make this task easier on you and your family, and you may want to take the time to plan for your first night in your new house. There are numerous things you will need to have handy on your first night, but there are things you might not think to pack for this. Here are some tips to help you have exactly what you will need on your first night in your new home.   The Essentials When you go on a trip, you probably pack a carry-on bag to have with you at all times. This bag contains all the essentials you will need as you travel, and it will come in really handy during the ride on the plane or in the car. When you move, you should do the same thing as a way of preparing for your first night in your new home, and you should have each family member pack a carry-on bag. To do this, each person should pack the following items: A pair of pajamas A pair of clothes for the next day Phone chargers Pillow and blanket If each person packs these items, you will not have to dig for them when you arrive at your new house. This will give you more time to enjoy your family, and it will offer less stress on your first night. Bathroom Supplies In addition to having the right clothes and bedding, you will also need to plan for your bathroom necessities. Here are some of the most important bathroom supplies you will need to pack for your first night: Toothbrush and toothpaste Shampoo and conditioner Shower curtain, shower rod, and shower curtain hangers Towels and washcloths Toilet paper Without these items, no one in your house will be able to take a shower, or do any of the other common tasks people use bathrooms for. Cleaning Supplies If you did not have time to thoroughly clean your new house before you moved in, you may want to plan for this before you move, especially if you have a fear of germs. To do so, you can pack a small tub to bring with you, and it should include: Antibacterial wipes Paper towels and a multi-purpose cleaner Rubber gloves Toilet brush Garbage bags These few items will come in very handy on your first night in your new home. You can quickly pull the items out and clean the countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms, and you can also scrub and wipe the toilets. This may help you feel safer in your new place until you have time to really clean the entire house. Pet Supplies If you have a dog or cat, you will also need to pack a small bag or box for it. For a cat, you may need to bring along a litter box and litter. For a dog, you may want to pack a leash or harness. You will also need to make sure you have the pet food handy, as well as a dish to use for water. A First-Aid Kit...

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5 Ways to Prepare Electronics for Professional Packing

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One of the more delicate items to deal with when moving are home electronics. Computers, televisions, and game consoles are just a few of the electronics in your home that should be handled with care. This is why it’s a good idea to consider professional packing services for your moving needs. Once the packing services are hired, you can prepare to help the electronics properly transported. With a little extra planning and a few tips, the electronics will arrive in the same condition as they were in your old home. If you’re looking for good electronics prep packing tips, read on. Color Labels A computer or surround sound console can come with more than five different cords each. To help prevent bent cables, the cords need to be unplugged, but you do not want to spend hours trying to match them all together again. The best solution for this is using color coded labels.  Dollar stores offer cheap access to color tape and labels. This allows you to easily organize and label every cord to your devices. When reconnecting the devices, it will be easy to match the color label to a label on the device. Along with solid colors, look for tape with different patterns like stripes or animal prints. Towels & Packing Supplies Instead of investing in packing supplies like bubble-wrap or packing peanuts, you can find plenty of supplies in your own home. Electronics can get plenty of cushioning and protection from items like towels or bed sheets. Not only are they ideal for wrapping your electronics up in, but you do not need to have separate boxes for the towels alone. Ensure the towels are clean and completely dry before using them for packing. Wooden Boxes When utilizing a professional packing service, you have access to items that are not typically in your price range. For heavy electronic equipment, a cardboard box may not be strong or sturdy enough to hold everything. This is why a lot of packing services offer wooden boxes to hold electronics. The outside of the wood is durable enough to withstand the weight of devices like sub-woofers and large computer components. The inside of the box is typically lined with a Styrofoam base to give added shock protection. Game Consoles Video game consoles require a little extra packing preparation to ensure that everything is moved correctly. Controllers should be wrapped in a small individual washcloth and be kept separate from other controllers. This prevents the controllers from pushing into each other or distorting the buttons and analog sticks. When packing games, request that the cases are placed in a vertical position so the discs are held straight up. If the games are placed horizontally, it can create extra heat and pressure that would possibly damage the game. Do not pack any loose game discs, purchase plastic sleeves or additional cases, if possible.  Media Players & Remotes Take a few extra steps to examine and prepare any DVD players, Blu-Ray players, or media remotes in your home. All discs should be removed from disc players and properly stored in a case. If you leave a disc inside a player, it can easily become loose and get scratches when it is tossed around. A loose disc can also cause damage to components...

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2 New Self Storage Features You Will Love

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When you make a large purchase, how much thought do you put into the shopping trip? If you are like most people, you probably save your money, analyze brands, and shop around until you find the perfect item. Unfortunately, sometimes people are less choosy when it comes to their storage space—passing over state-of-the-art facilities. Here are two new self storage features you will love, and how they can make your life a little easier: 1: Intelligent Unit Doors When people think of storage crime, they usually imagine robbers hopping over a fence or hacking the front gate. However, some storage unit burglaries are conducted by the same friendly strangers who waive at you when you visit your space. To make it easier to access units and to scout out potential hits, some criminals actually rent units alongside other customers—searching for easy opportunities to burglarize a space. However, some facilities are going high tech to make it more difficult for these criminal customers. By installing computerized unit doors that interface with the front gate, storage managers can tell if a door has been opened that doesn’t belong to the same person who just entered the facility. Some systems even sound alarms and automatically lock entrances and exits if a door was opened when it wasn’t supposed to be. Intelligent unit doors also make it easier for legitimate customers to access their things. Because these doors typically don’t require padlocks, you won’t have to track down that storage unit key before you head to your space. Instead, you can open the door by simply entering your code on the door keypad, and then lock your space with the touch of a button when you are done. 2: True Climate Control Nothing is worse than carefully organizing your things and loading them into storage, only to discover damaged belongings a few months later when you return. Unfortunately, if you rent a unit from a cinderblock facility parked right out in the hot sun, this might be the reality you are faced with. However, some storage units offer true climate control to regulate both the temperature and the humidity of storage spaces. Here are a few ways this might help your things: Warping: After carefully refinishing that four-poster bed or finding the perfect hardwood dresser, it might be discouraging to see those wood panels warped by stark humidity changes. Unfortunately, if you move from a moist climate to a dry environment, you might be left with ugly or non-functional furniture. However, if you rent from a facility that offers humidity control, you might be able to dial the humidity down slowly, so that your furniture has time to adapt.   Melting: If you are planning on storing food storage or candles, you might be disappointed to discover melted plastic packages and puddles of wax when you return to retrieve your things. However, climate controlled units can be kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so that your things stay pristine. Mold Growth: Humidity changes can do a lot more than warp a few furniture pieces. If your unit is too humid, it can spark mold growth. In addition to discoloring your upholstery and filling your household belongings with allergens, mold growth can also make your things smell terrible. Fortunately, humidity controls can help you to inhibit...

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